In essence, COVID-19 Trends Dashboard is designed to show a simple visualization and summary of the number of tests, daily increase or total, along with the number of confirmed cases across the United States. The key emphasis is on the trending ratio between tests and confirmed cases, this allows a solid base to assess and predict the vector of the pandemic at a certain state

Handling the data

This website uses a single data source: The COVID Tracking Project. Powering many other visualizations across the web, stable, and holds a simple JSON API with extensive daily data on tests and cases for most states in the U.S.

For the graph daily increase visualizations, the data is sanitized to skip over days that have a substantial increase (10 fold or more) from previous day reports regarding tests, hospitalizations, and deaths. Those anomalies are usually caused by late updates to previous reports and estimations and especially affect hospitalizations and deaths count. Doing so keeps the graph visual trend readable and clears abnormal peaks that flattened all other reports relatively.

Important disclaimer

Collecting data is a tricky craft, choosing how to display it, just as much. In some regions, the curve showing the ratio between new cases and the number of tests might look very different from the one showing new cases alone. Please mind - pandemics are elusive and there is still much we don't know. There are many factors to consider, in this website the focus is on facts we struggled to find displayed in other sources. It is far from being the complete picture.


Any questions, suggestions, and comments are welcome as long as they are constructing and helpful. COVID is an emotional topic and for some, tragic. We are all in this together, stay safe, protect yourself, and others around you.